10 tips for new mamas

Navigating life for couples, in itself, can feel a bit overwhelming. Throw a newborn in the mix and it can feel downright impossible.  We have consolidated the top 10 best tips from other moms in our community (in our opinion of course) for new mamas. 


1. Let others do for you.  When you are offered help, take it, whether it's bringing a meal, washing the dishes, or just holding the baby while you take a nice hot shower. Let them help you, heck, don't even wait until they offer, just ask. Your family and friends will be more than happy to help.  It is not all on you, it takes a village to raise a baby, let them be that village. 

2. Get take out.  Leave the baby with hubs, turn up your radio, sing out loud and just get out. If you are dead set on eating healthy the day you come home, then food prep will be your saving grace. You can find tons of freezer meals to prep before baby arrives on Pinterest.

3. Find your tribe. It's always comforting knowing that you have a tribe of mamas just like you, that are also navigation motherhood or have already and can share their experiences. If you already have a tribe, be on lookout for someone who might not and start a conversation. You never know what impact you might have on that one person, and let's be honest, you're tribe can never have too many mama bears. 

4. Take a break. If you are feeling overwhelmed or super stressed, put baby down somewhere safe and take 10 minutes to just sit and breath.  Babies can sense when you are stressed and it will only make things worse. 

5. Get some fresh air. If you are feeling anxious then go for a walk. Something I learned to help combat anxiety in the moment is to look around and find 5 things you can see, 4 things that you can touch, 3 things that you can hear, 2 things that you can smell, and one thing you can taste. Full article can be found here (letserasethestigma.com)

6. Limit social media. It is so easy to get caught up in all the beautiful pictures you see on Instagram and it can make you feel inadequate if you let it. Remember these images of the flawlessly sculpted mama who just left the hospital and cooked a 5 course meal straight out of Pinterest is just a fleeting view into their lives. What you don't see next to that perfectly made bed is the laundry over flowing onto the floor and the dishes piled up in the kitchen. Comparison will suck the life out of you. Remember that no one is that perfect and your family and friends wouldn't have you or your house any other way. 

7. Sleep. No, not every time baby sleeps but at least once a day if you can, take just 30 minutes or 15 if that's all that baby gives you. 

8. Pamper yourself. You work so hard every second of every day, you deserve to take a day or half a day, even an hour will do. Get your nails done, go to lunch with the girls, hit  the gym, relax at Starbucks and have a peaceful cup of  coffee and read a book, whatever you loved to do before baby for yourself, keep doing it. Your baby and husband will thank you, you'll even thank yourself.  It will also give the hubs a chance to bond with the baby while you're gone.

9. This too shall pass. Remember that everything is phase and it will pass. Hang tight, you will get through this too.

10. Do whatever makes you and your baby the happiest and less stressed. Trust your instincts, only you know what is best for your family. 


What other tips would you add to the list?







*photos credit @kennedyblairhaugen 

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