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Our crochet beads are handmade to give you the best quality and a tightly finished product that is super easy to care for. They are made from 100% cotton over a natural wood bead. And since they are made from cotton they will not get fuzzy or pill like other fibers. The lovely colors and soft texture of the crochet material will help catch babies attention and stimulate him/her to look and explore. And of course the crocheted cotton yarn offers relief on teething gums. These beautiful beads can be hand washed with a mild soap in warm water and laid out to dry. DO NOT SOAK! Letting them dry properly will ensure that the cotton material shrinks back nice...

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I wanted to pop in and share with you the best way to care for any untreated wood products that you purchase from Leo+ Cullie. To make sure your beads last throughout the dreaded teething years (yikes, I know cue the cringe face) just follow these simple steps. When you receive your untreated wood item you will want to condition it first thing. You can use things like coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, or beeswax. Conditioning the wood essentially waterproofs it and will keep it from cracking due to too much moisture. It will also keep the wood safe while washing, just be sure to ALWAYS re-condition it after each wash. It is best to also condition the wood EVERY week....

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